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January 2018

Sadly on January 15th our friend and former colleague Ray Merrin passed away. BAFTA are hosting a special tribute for him on January 28th. We are immensely proud that his contribution to the industry is to be recognised in this way. In a career that spanned 4 decades Ray mixed some of cinemas most iconic movies. His credits include The Shining, Alien, Batman, Trainspotting and Harry Potter. Graham worked with Ray for 35 years and together they earned 4 BAFTA nominations. Rest In Peace Ray.

September 2017

Here is the trailer for Kissing Candice from Director Aoife McArdle.

May 2017

We have decided that now is the perfect time to make a fundamental change to our workflow. The aim is to open up the immersive formats to as many productions as possible. 5.1 will now be regarded as a legacy format. We will be incorporating Dolby Atmos metadata into every projects premix. This will allow clients to actually hear how their project sounds in Atmos. They can then make an informed decision whether to complete their final mix in Dolby Atmos, 7.1 or 5.1. The metadata will remain in place regardless of how the cinema mix is monitored. Due to the downstream nature of the metadata, clients will then have the opportunity to create a Dolby Atmos master for home theatre and the additional supported devices.