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Recent Projects

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5.1 Mix

We had a fantastic time working on Break. A talented young snooker player (played by Sam Gittens) is given a once in a life time opportunity. Is a shot at being a pro enough to escape a life of crime? The film features the final performance of Hollywood Icon Rutger Hauer.
It was great to work with Writer/Director Michael Elkin and Producer Dean Fisher. The production company are going to release the film when cinemas re open.

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The Reason I Jump

Dolby Atmos

It was an absolute pleasure to host the final mix for The reason I Jump. The feature documentary is based on the best-selling book by Naoki Higashida and directed by Jerry Rothwell. It explores neurodiversity through the experiences of non speaking autistic people from around the world.
The film was mixed in Dolby Atmos by Ben Baird from Aquarium Studios and Sound Designed by Nick Ryan.

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The Courier

5.1 Mix

It was great fun mixing action thriller The Courier. A key witness to a murder is protected from mercenaries by a mysterious motorbike courier (Olga Kurylenko). If the witness is eliminated then crime boss Ezekiel Mannings (Gary Oldman) will go free. The film is directed by Zackary Adler and produced by James Edward Barker. The films sound was recorded, edited and mixed by the team at SoundNode.

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Andy Murray: Resurfacing

5.1 Mix

Andy Murray: Resurfacing follows the tennis star's injury journey from 2017 to 2019. Director Olivia Cappuccini had exclusive access to every aspect of Andy's life as he battled injury. It was great to work on the film with sound supervisor Dan Weinberg. The film was released as an Amazon Original.

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Rose Plays Julie

5.1 Mix

Rose Plays Julie is the latest feature from directing duo Christine Molloy and Joe Lawler. It was fantastic to work with them again. A young woman searches for her biological parents. What she discovers is devastating. The film had an incredible reception at The London Film Festival where it was in competition. The team from Fonic were in charge of the post production sound.

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The Informer

5.1 Mix

The Informer stars Joel Kinnaman, Anna De Armas, Rosamund Pike and Clive Owen. Ex con Pete Koslow (Kinnaman) just wants a normal life. This is impossible when you work for a crime syndicate and as an informer for the FBI. It was fantastic to work with Director Andrea Di Stefano, Editor Job ter Burg, Supervising Sound Editor Frédéric Le Louet and fellow Re-recording Mixer Mike Dowson.

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Dark Encounter

5.1 Mix

After the mysterious disappearance of their 8 year old daughter an extra terrestrial presence begins to terrorise the family. Are the two events linked? The film stars Laura Fraser, Mel Raido, Alice Lowe and Vincent Regan. We had such a great time working on this science fiction drama with Director Carl Strathie and Producer Charlotte Kilby. The sound was supervised by Fred Englefield.

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