Recent Projects

Dolby Presents: Escape

Dolby Atmos

We loved mixing Dolby Presents: Escape. The music was composed and performed by Imogen Heap. It was fantastic to work with her on the mix stage. In a bold move she made every musical element an Atmos Object. The only exceptions were some of the reverbs and delays. It was great to have so much creative freedom without being restricted to conventional channel based stems. Sound Design for the project was created by Nick Ryan.

Another Mother’s Son

5.1 Mix

It was an absolute pleasure to mix Another Mother’s Son. This World War II drama is set on the island of Jersey during the Nazi occupation. It tells the true story of Louisa Gould, who took in an escaped Russian POW and hid him from the authorities.  The film stars Jenny Seagrove, Ronan Keating, John Hannah and Julian Kostov. The sound was supervised Colin Chapman.

Past Life

5.1 Mix

It was fantastic to welcome back Avi Nesher for his latest film Past Life. This moving drama is set in 1977 Jerusalem, where two sisters, investigate the deeply traumatic experiences of their father in Poland during World War II. It is the first film in a "Present Past Trilogy”. The sound was supervised by Gil Toren.