Point1Post provide a wide variety of services. Great sound enhances the audience experience and adds production value. Our team has worked on more more than 100 feature films.

Please use the tabs below to learn more about our services.

Point1Post Elstree

Craft your mix in a cinema sized studio with fully calibrated picture and sound. Our mix stage features a state of the art Dolby Atmos sound system and DCI compliant projection. The 48 Fader Dual-Operator ICON console (1280 Voices) can handle the most complicated mixes. It is an excellent environment that allows you to focus on the creative process. We can deliver mixes in Dolby Atmos, DTS:X MDA, 7.1, 5.1, LTRT and Stereo. Please contact us if you would like to arrange a demonstration.

Freelance Mixing

Post production is often completed by a wide variety of companies in multiple locations. Sometimes it suits the production to complete the sound in a specific location. We are available to mix on a freelance basis worldwide. We have successfully completed projects in London, Berlin, Prague and Rome.

Premix Studio

For projects with more limited budgets we offer unattended premixing in our home studio. The 5.1 room features fully calibrated Dynaudio M3F speakers and a 3m screen. Using the Local Renderer we can add Dolby Atmos metadata to your premix. The transition between the home studio and Point1Post is seamless. Having fully prepared the project we can focus on your creative input during the final mix.

Dolby Atmos

Immersive sound formats are now the first choice for Film Studios, Content Creators and Cinema Exhibitors. Our mix stage features a 45 speaker Dolby Atmos system. There are now more than 2442 screens worldwide and a further 354 pending. The system utilises up to 64 discrete channels including overhead. Dolby® Atmos™ enhances conventional surround formats by adding up to 118 additional “sound objects”. These can be moved through the X,Y,Z Axis of the room. Dolby® Atmos™ Cinema processors take into effect the exact specification and dimensions of any playback auditorium. This allows the audience to experience the film just as the director intended on the mix stage.

Dolby® Atmos™ is also available on Blu-ray, Streaming TV, Windows 10, XBox One, Tablets, Smart Phones, Linear VR and even Nightclubs. This represents a huge worldwide audience. Contact us to discuss how we can take your audience to the next level.


We are now equipped with DTS:X MDA tools. This immersive format marks the return of DTS to cinema exhibition. DTS:X is also available on compatible Blu-Ray, Streaming Platforms and Mobile Devices. Contact us to discuss this new format.

Sound Packages

We can tailor a package to fulfil all of your sound requirements. Our team of associated sound editors are available for Dialogue, ADR, FX and Sound Design. We can also supply world class Foley from trusted facilities. Our relationship with leading sound houses allows us to offer a number of ADR solutions.

Please contact us if you require:

Sound Supervision

Dialogue Editing


Sound Design

FX Editing


Dry Hire

We welcome projects with freelance mixers and sound houses. Our Pro Tools workflow complements the modern trend for premixing in smaller environments. Give your director and producers confidence by completing the project in a fully calibrated cinema sized environment.

We have a wide range of industry standard plug-ins and are happy to install whatever additional software/outboard you require. We are on hand to provide as much creative or technical assistance as required.

Please contact us to discuss how we can host your project.

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