Dark Game

5.1 Mix

We had a fantastic time working on the thriller Dark Game. It is the 5th film we have mixed for Director Howard J. Ford. The sound was supervised by Joe Vince.

Brian and Charles

5.1 Mix / Dolby Atmos HE

It was an absolute pleasure to host the final mix for Brian and Charles. Directed by Jim Archer. Post Production sound by the team at Soundnode and mix by Robert Farr. It was nominated for the BAFTA Award for Outstanding British Film.

Ocean Deep

5.1 Mix

We loved mixing the thriller Ocean Deep. It was our third film with Director Liza Bolton. Fred Englefield from Motion Post Production supervised the Sound. It was our 19th film together.


5.1 Mix

It was fantastic hosting the mix for the Syrian drama Nezouh. The film was directed Soudade Kaadan and mixed by Steve Single. The film won the audience award at the Venice Film Festival.

SAS: Red Notice

Dolby Atmos Theatrical / 5.1 Mix

Mixing SAS: Red Notice was an incredible experience. The mix was halted by the pandemic and then completed during lockdown. It was fantastic working with Producer Laurence Malkin and Sound Supervisor/Re-Recording Mixer Richard Kondal. The film was mixed in Dolby Atmos.

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